IMM 2021 – POSTPONED UNTIL 2023 – Florence Italy

Due to the on-going Covid problems in Europe the IMM scheduled for July 2021 is now postponed until 2023.

The next IMM will therefore be in Germany in June 2022 – see separate event entry

With the postponement of IMM in Germany until 2022, and other events uncertain, now is a good time to plan the trip of a lifetime in your Moke. By road to Florence, via the Alps or through France and back again using different routes; a truly memorable journey.

The meeting takes place at Parco di Villa Montavlo e Ragnaia, just outside of the city of Firenze from 1st to 4th July 2021

For those who attended IMM2013, also in Florence, there is a very special ticket offer here:-

For all other information, the website has full details, including local hotels for those who do not wish to camp, as well as the ticket offers.

The web site can be found here:-

Further information regarding the event and Civid travel restrictions will be posted when

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