Electronic ignition

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Re: Electronic ignition

Post by Wally2 » Wed Sep 16, 2015 9:38

Hi Spider (Chris),
Thanks for that, the kit I bought came with a matched coil so that's what I fitted. As I said previous it's been on for over 3000 miles now and (touch wood!) I've had no problems, the engine runs sweet, powers up and fuel consumption is slightly better. One thing, my 850cc has a 998cc cylinder head on it which improved the compression ratio.
As I also said, I did find that the manufacturer was less than helpful when I asked questions, attitude was one of 'you've bought it now over to you!' a more helpful attitude would have gone a long way. After fitting the new system the Moke went in for MOT and a tune, all was much better when I got it back.
Will keep an eye on it, bearing in mind your findings.
Thanks (I think!) for your input.

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Re: Electronic ignition

Post by Trundlebug » Wed Sep 16, 2015 11:31

Thanks for your replies.

I was thinking of fitting an Accuspark to my existing distributor just to replace the points, thereby retaining the correct advance curve which I appreciate is critical, even more so in my modified 998 engine with Piper 270 cam and stage 5 head.

I understand I'll have to replace my much cherished copper HT leads with silicone, but will my original coil be OK?

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Re: Electronic ignition

Post by spider » Wed Sep 16, 2015 11:53

You can retain your Copper HT Leads but you might want to think about fitting suppressed caps (if you don't already have them).

In regards to your coil, I really would suggest that you ask Accuspark.
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