Wiper wheelboxes

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Wiper wheelboxes

Post by Souwester » Thu May 28, 2015 13:28

This is allied to the wiper motor question, but different.
The wipers on my 1992 Cagiva Moke got slower and slower then stopped, I think the fuse has blown now.
I think all this was caused by the wiper wheelboxes seizing as the Moke had been in storage for some time before I got it.
The wipers are different from those in the manual but I would guess that releasing the single nut on each would be a start.
Does anyone know:-
1) can you remove the two dashboard trays and get at the wheelboxes that way or is it a 'speedo binacle out' job as well?
2) are the parts standard Mini ones or something different (Mini wheelboxes are under the bonnet Moke ones inside.)?
3) any tips worth knowing?


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