18 Volt on my battery

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18 Volt on my battery

Post by mauritiusmoke » Sun Oct 01, 2017 16:36

Hello All,

I check today my alternator because I saw a explosion of a battery due to bad regulator, so I check it just for my feeling and the result was bad!!!!

It a old Lucas alternator, I didn't find the model or serial number, I don't think I can find just the regulator here.

I read that same model has a separate regulator but I didn't find anything. I have to Wire connected, one direct to the battery, the other I don't know.

Idle: 13,4 V (good for me)
increase rpm, up to 18,4 V.

What do you think?

From France, living in Mauritius with a AEM scout 998cc 1987_88

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Re: 18 Volt on my battery

Post by Tim » Mon Oct 02, 2017 2:36

It sounds like a stuffed regulator to me. Most alternators have the regulator inbuilt, but the ones used in Australian Mokes in the late'60s and early '70s had a seperate regulator mounted on the RHS of the firewall.

There are a few Minis in Mauritius so you need to find a local expert and see if they can suggest a solution, believe there is a Mini club over there. It should be possible to adapt an alternator from a more modern car, with an inbuilt regulator. The most difficult part will be mounting it.

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Re: 18 Volt on my battery

Post by woodypup59 » Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:22

Are you sure your voltmeter is working & calibrated properly ?

If a rectifier has gone in the alternator, it will put out some AC voltage ontop of the DC which will confuse most digital meters. A high quality analogue instrument (like an AVO) will be less susceptible to this interference.

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