Waterproof bluetooth stereo?

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Paul K
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Waterproof bluetooth stereo?

Post by Paul K » Wed Dec 26, 2018 16:06

Any recommendations on a stereo for the Moke that won’t mind getting wet? I was thinking maybe a marine grade one from a powerboat/yacht?

Nigel(no top)Sykes
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Re: Waterproof bluetooth stereo?

Post by Nigel(no top)Sykes » Wed Dec 26, 2018 20:05

This is presuming you have either an Aussie or a Portuguese Moke.......... I’ve generally found that mounting a radio under the shelf and keeping it near the centre of the car keeps the unit dry enough to not give any problems. A factory type mini mounting unit works well in this respect and leaves the shelves clear for siting the speakers.
At least can add up

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Re: Waterproof bluetooth stereo?

Post by Halfpint » Thu Dec 27, 2018 19:45

I have a Marine grade radio in one of my Mokes and had a standard Clarion in my other Moke for many years without any real problems.
Like Nigel said, if you mount them nearer to the centre of the Moke, and somewhere away from where the water that can enter and run off, you shouldnt have too many dramas.
I have '81 Mokes and the Clarion was mounted under the heater unit, just had to be careful when using the high pressure washer after camping trips or bush track drives.

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