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mick west
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ebay moke

Post by mick west » Fri Jan 12, 2018 19:29

Has anyone been bidding on the pink moke, for sale in greece(on ebay)?
I agreed a price of £4000.00 to include delivery to uk. The seller sent me all his banking details, adrress and phone number, all seemed ok. The seller had offered me a second chance bid, as the winner made no contact with them, they gave me a reply time dedline of 11.30 pm. My bank refused to an international transfere to sellers bank. After a long investigation by phone, my bank convinced me they had information, that they could not share with me, about the seller.So on the banks advice I set about trying to find info about the seller. Buyer beware!!!!!
Mick West

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Re: ebay moke

Post by werewolf » Thu Jan 25, 2018 23:01

I also tried to buy this before.. also think is SCAM.. always best to go look in PERSON.. as we all here in the USA.. sight inspection.. and check BOTH vin numbers. the one on the rad shroud and then the vin number on fire wall stamped behind the carb.. lots of moke scams. later bill cox

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