AMC cub. What's it worth.

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Re: AMC cub. What's it worth.

Post by Drake » Sat May 19, 2018 15:40

Just got back from having another 4 wheel alignment. When it was done before he recommended adjustable bottom arms to increase the castor (i need decent castor to tow with the a frame) anyways second alignment was free and he has set it all up spot had a great spirited drive home. He also did my motorhome at same time. If anyone in yorkshire wants a good alignment guy let me know. Anyways should be all ok now so will check diary and see if I can make it. .

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Re: AMC cub. What's it worth.

Post by werewolf » Sun May 27, 2018 21:39

Here is the USA.. the Anderson Cubs only fetch about 1/4 the price of UK or Aus moke. in 2018.. A UK moke just sold on for $41.5.k USD.. Another rough UK moke sold for $29.5k just last month and it was ROUGH.. A nice Aus moke will bring $20k.. later bc

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