Oakamoor Hill Climb Revival - non competitive

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Oakamoor Hill Climb Revival - non competitive

Post by Pig Pen Love Machine » Sat Jul 08, 2017 17:07

A group of enthusiasts have got together to revive a 1906 Hill climb

So 111 years on and the hill climb is back on and it's next Saturday 15th and is part of the Oakamoor Festival which is a three day event. The festival includes a traditional flower and produce show, and lots of activities for all the family and note it is next to the Churnet Valley steam railway line.

A few people from the local Mini Cooper Register Club have been asked to go and given how local it is I intend to go along and support them in the hope this becomes an annual event. At the moment around six minis are on the grid.

For details log onto




Note it's a case of have a go and it is non competitive with no timing. As one mini enthusiast said I don't intend racing my mini up the hill but I do want to give it a go and I might even stop half way up , get out and wave to the crowds! Note the stretch of road is closed and the plan is you will have four runs up the hill and all proceeds are in aid of charity.

If anyone is interested in joining us ping an email it would be great to get together and if anyone wants to make a weekend of it let me know. Note the event is close to Cheadle and Stoke on Trent Staffordshire.

Sorry it's last minute but I was only contacted yesterday

10-10 til we do it again

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