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Post Attachments - Photos and Documents

Post by Dean » Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:25

The forum now allows the attaching of photos and documents to your posts.
Files of up to 10Mb in size can be uploaded and are automatically resized by the forum software.

Instructions for use:
Click the "New Topic" or "Post Reply" button.
Below the message box, click on the "Attachments" tab and then on the "Add Files" button.
A file upload window will appear allowing you to browse to your photos on your device.
Select a file by double clicking on it and then click the "Place Inline" button which will add the file to your post in the message box above.
After finishing your post, click on the "Submit" button to finish.
Your image will now appear in your post. It will initially display at a smaller size but can be viewed full size in a new window by clicking on the image.
Documents will appear as a link in the post.
Video instructions here: ...

Please reply to this post if you have any issues with this feature.

As hosting large amounts of image files can place a strain on resources, please consider if your file is appropriate for posting to this forum and it's usefulness to fellow Moke enthusiasts prior to uploading. Admin reserve the right to remove any file it sees as inappropriate.
PS: The old photo gallery will remain in place for those that want to use/view it.

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