Potential Moke purchase

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Potential Moke purchase

Post by miniman_7 » Sun Nov 10, 2013 18:39

Hello all!!

Firstly, I have been a Mini owner for the past 16 years, and generally I like to think I know my stuff about them. I have rebuilt many from scratch and have my current perennial mk1 project on the go.
However when it comes to mokes I'm a little rusty.

I need some thoughts and advice from moke-peeps and peeps that have experience with potentially unregistered cars

Let me tell you about the advice I need.

Today I got a phone call from my Uncle asking me what I knew about mokes as a friend of his (who I believe is a trader) had taken ownership of one. This friend was looking for info as to its potential resell value so he could decide whether or not to just weigh it in at the scrappy (shock horror!)

Now before I continue, I have not yet seen pictures of it, so cannot confirm that it is an actual moke and not a kit version (scamp etc). I'm told the condition is "looks ok" and "its a nice red colour". also the engine wont start.
However for the purposes of this question, I am assuming that it is a real moke, and in a reasonable but needing restoration condition.

Now, the amount of money that this guy will likely want for it has got me interested (seems too good to say no, thats all I will say at this point!). He is supposed to be emailing me pics over the next couple of days to see if I want to come over and have a look at it.

There is some question as to the registration in the UK of the car, as it is believed to have been imported and stored without registration.
It has no documentation. I'm unclear at the moment as to the status of a VIN number or plate (lack of will turn me right off it)

Now the documentation thing should be a massive NO for me, but the value is saying it might be worth the risk!

So here's my questions:

1.What sort of value do mokes in need of restoration (but not complete rot-boxes) go for?

2. Assuming it has a VIN, how do I either:
a) Find out if it is already registered in the UK assuming no number plates on car and no V5
b) Go about registering it in the UK? What would be the full process? Would I need to rebuild it and go for a IVA? etc......

3. Anything less obvious I should be aware of?

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Re: Potential Moke purchase

Post by Doug G » Sun Nov 10, 2013 20:50

Look at the prices on the Classified ads for sale here then Google Mini Mokes for sale. Yow will get a general idea of prices in various condition.

Yo say you have experience in Mini's which will put you in good stead to look at costs renovate a Mini Moke.

Get a copy of Roy Scott's book


BEFORE he scraps it suggest offering it for sale here, then possible on eBay.

BUT BEFORE you do all that let ME know he asking price and 'first refusal' first of all.
Having a moking good time!

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Re: Potential Moke purchase

Post by grantourer » Sun Nov 10, 2013 23:33

Should it be an English Moke, with the VIN number you can get a heritage certificate, with a heritage certificate you can apply for a new V5 and an age related plate. Should it be an Australian, the waters are muddied, you can check on the Moke Werx site to see if it is listed,, but not all Aussie Mokes are on there.
Regards, Graham & Judith
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Re: Potential Moke purchase

Post by werewolf » Wed Nov 13, 2013 15:35

My guess start with DLVA.. fyi here in north carolina you do NOT need vin number or title.. you can get title bond MVR 92 h for NC title and MVR 31 for state vin number.. the moke MUST run and drive to do either here in NC. as most US states.. I know you can certify the vin number with moke club there in UK.. later bc

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