Fitting an HIF44 carb

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Fitting an HIF44 carb

Post by Slow Smoke Moke » Fri Nov 09, 2018 13:05

New post relating to an earlier one that started about carburettor studs.


Dear Mick et al,

Job done. Very awkward and frustrating I have to say.

Images at the bottom, one of them is upside down for some reason.

Points below:

1. The HIF44 fits. Not easy to get in but it does go.
2. This is a loose tooth syndrome operation. You think it won't fit but it does; I found this very frustrating to say the least.
3. The carb is mounted on a MiniSport manifold that gives the whole thing a tilt. There's also a spacer fitted. It clears the bulkhead OK.
4. Test the fit of the inlet manifold between the two exhaust manifolds before you commit to fitting everything.
5. Mine needed a few edges filing down to fit snugly.
6. Do this before you assemble the whole lot to save time and frustration later.
7. I assembled the carb, spacer, abutment plate and manifold as one lump and then fitted to the engine.
8. The air cleaner was fitted afterwards.
9. The cables coming through the bulkhead get in the way. I removed the instrument binnacle to remove the speedo cable.
10. The speedo cable seems astonishingly short - perhaps this car has the wrong one.
11. Speedo cable was re-inserted after the carb was mounted. Also very awkward to get it back through the bulkhead because it's so short.
12. I fitted new manifold studs, washers and nuts in the process. You might as well.
13. The manifold gasket has an A side and a B side. Make sure you fit a new one the right way around.
14. You need a new choke cable and accelerator cable plus fittings. They’re different.
15. The throttle return spring on earlier carbs is now redundant.
16. Spares I used (from Mini Spares)

a. Carb abutment plate # CAM4942
b. Choke cable # 21A2329
c. Choke cable clip # CZK6491
d. Choke cable trunnion # AUE34
e. Throttle cable # SBB10099
f. Clip to retain throttle cable # NAM6923
g. Carb spacer # GUG705964GM
h. Caskets for the above, you’ll need 3 all told. # 88G429B
i. Long carb mounting studs # 22A152
j. Manifold gasket inlet/exhaust # AJM601
k. Manifold washers # 12A1211
l. Manifold nuts # GFK3436
m. Petrol pipe # PETROLPIPE
n. SU carb oil # BDR125
o. Cone air filter # C1504
p. Jubilee clips in stainless from other sources.
q. HIF 44 carb and manifold from a mate!

Engine runs but not well, it's too rich. I believe the idle speed can be adjusted but the mixture is done by changing the needle. Waiting for the above mate to come over and sort out.

No vacuum advance pipe fitted yet but there will be when I get a replacement distributor.

Agreed that the cone filter detracts from the original look. One of those things that comes with the territory I suppose.

You can see by the general condition of the car that there's a lot more to be done yet.

Hope this helps.

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mick west
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Re: Fitting an HIF44 carb

Post by mick west » Tue Dec 04, 2018 14:47

Well done, you must have the patience of a saint. I gave up the idea and fitted an HS4, using the same minisport manifold,
The problem I have is that the jet hits the bulkhead when I apply choke, but it starts ok from cold. I have yet to get the engine to run perfectly, it is running
lean, but it is to bloody cold at the mo to work on to work on toys!

Cheers, Mick West

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