Size of master cylinder

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Size of master cylinder

Post by Doug G » Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:53

Given concerns for the amount of brake fluid in the master cylinder not being enough after changing to disks, what about using one of these ... 0to%20shop


Extension piece in translucent white plastic screws on metal canister type master cylinders only. The seal provided slips over the thread of the filler neck and sits on the tank for the extension piece to screw down onto and seal.The original cap fits the top giving you a clear idea how much fluid is in your tank and extension piece without removing the cap,also effectively increasing fluid capacity.

As your pads wear down or under hard cornering it gives you a satisfaction of mind and insurance that you have enough fluid.

Originally fitted by Special Tuning and used on MG's and other early type single line braking systems this will not fit plastic tank type master cylinders as the rubber seal cannot sit squarely on the tank to seal.

Installation is as simple as unscrewing the standard cap, screwing the extension on, topping up the fluid, and replacing the cap.
£8.50 exc vat
£10.20 inc vat

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Re: Size of master cylinder

Post by clm » Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:07

Hmm, why would the amount contained in the reservoir be inadequate? As the pads wear you will need to add fluid, although this is the same for any car with disk brakes. Unless you don't want to do routine fluid checks the volume in a normal master cylinder should be fine. Those are more for quick fluid checks instead of volume if I remember right.

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Re: Size of master cylinder

Post by Nigel(no top)Sykes » Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:35

When BMC introduced the Cooper with its disc brakes they increased the size of the master cyl reservoir as the amount of fluid contained in the original sized one was insufficient and if not checked regularly the level of fluid could to drop to a point where all of a sudden you'd have no brakes! With the larger cyl the first you knew about it was metal to metal contact when braking, but at least you still stopped!
Of course with diligent monitoring this problem wouldn't arise BUT manufacturers have to cater for all types of drivers!........ Plus if you've been topping up the master cyl when you fit new pads you have to take some fluid out or have it spill all over your nice shiny paint (with obvious results)
At least can add up

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