Engine revs high in idle

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Engine revs high in idle

Post by OnlyHuMun » Sun Jul 20, 2014 1:20

I've just picked up my Moke (1981 California) from panel beaters and on the way home, noticed the engine was revving unusually high when in idle/neutral.

Unable to get back to the panel beaters for a few days, im hoping theres a straightforward fix that I can do myself. Im using the Leyland Mini Workshop Manual but not sure where to start.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Engine revs high in idle

Post by spider » Sun Jul 20, 2014 5:34

First thing I'd look at would be to check the choke is coming right off. Best to remove the Air Filter from the Carb to get a good look at the choke cable and the carb.

If that's OK, next maybe the Idle screw needs to be wound out a little.

Sorry I don't have any pics to hand to post up.

Do you know if the Repair Shop had to remove the Carb or Manifold to effect any of the repairs?
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