About The Club

The Mini Moke Club was founded in the Midlands of England in 1983 by the current Club President, Paul Beard, who was soon surrounded by a group of enthusiastic Moke owners. It quickly became a national UK club, and is now a fully international organization with members from countries throughout the globe. It is Europe’s only club dedicated to that most unusual of the Mini variants – The Mini Moke, and is affiliated to clubs around the world, including the Americas, Asia and the Pacific rim.

The Club aims have as much fun as possible and to this end arranges days and weekends that will keep all members, young or old, happy and Moking. We also arrange green-lane, road-runs and social events throughout the UK and Europe.

There is a major Moke event in every month of the year, including the Moke ‘National’ weekend and regional events; so that all members have a chance to get together. The club also organises the International Mini Moke Meeting (IMMM) and attends the International Mini Meeting (IMM) both of which take place in a different European country every year. Uniquely, the Mini Moke Club gives its members the opportunity to drive their vehicles overseas, attend European events and meet up with members from around the world.

The Moke Club produces its own magazine, ‘Moking’, 5 times a year, which is packed with Moke stories, regional reports, technical features, and classified advertising. The club also provides the very best support to Moke ownership with historical information to identify & value your Moke, technical support and spare parts.

There is a club directory available only to members which enables direct communication to be made by members with each other, and is particularly useful in organizing local events and exchanging information of mutual interest.

The Club is run entirely by volunteers and is open to all ages whether Moke owners or not. As we are an enthusiasts’ car club, Moke ownership is encouraged, but it is not a requirement of membership.

If you would like to have fun, get together with other members and have the opportunity to purchase parts for your

Moke and specialist branded clothing, or books, why not join our Club below – you won’t regret it