About the Mini Moke Club Website

This is the first new design of the Mini Moke Club website for many years, and now incorporates the features requested by members in the past.

If you have any comments about the site or suggestions for its continuous improvement please contact: mike.cook@mokeclub.org

The site works on several layers, uses several servers and, depending upon what is needed, you may have to be a Moke Club Member to access all aspects of the services and information available.

The home page and all the information relating to the club, its events and to view the photo gallery & videos are immediately & easily available to all.

Access to the ‘Club Shop’, by clicking the appropriate button, takes you to a separate site from where you can select, order and pay for Club Products, Moke literature, and new or renewed membership. Event fees payable by members or non-members are also made via this page.

Access to view and contribute to the forum is via membership details and these can only be obtained by joining the Mini Moke Club, via the appropriate button or at the Shop.

Whilst the viewing of galleries and videos is freely available, posting pictures can only be achieved via the ‘Gallery Master’ on: gallerymaster@mokeclub.org Please send pictures as email attachments, or by using links to cloud sites such as ‘dropbox’ or ‘we transfer’. Your pictures will then be posted in the appropriate file for all to see.

Videos are compiled by the webmaster. If you have video material in HD 16:9 format that you would like to be incorporated into a Club or Event video, please contact: mike.cook@mokeclub.org

If you have any information relating to ‘News’ or forthcoming ‘Events’, this should also be sent as soon as relevant to: mike.cook@mokeclub.org

If you would like to have fun, get together with other members and have the opportunity to purchase parts for your

Moke and specialist branded clothing, or books, why not join our Club below – you won’t regret it